Jonathan Henwood

Acting C.V

Acting C.V
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                          ACTING C.V

General Information
Equity membership number 00241140
Playing age 35 - 45 years. Hair colour: Dark Brown. Eye colour: Hazel. Height: 5ft 11.  
Corporate Acting Experience
(Character - Production - Company)

Ricky Hardy - Metropolitan Police Specialist Suspect Detective training  - Acting Services  
Employee - Regent's University, Connected Conversations appraisals - 10Eighty  

Toni Grimes - Metropolitan Police Specialist Suspect Detective training  - Avant Garde Team building 

Manager/Employee - Barnet and Southgate college, Managing Performance - Jane Hirst Developing your potential

John Jones - Single Parenthood, Absence review meeting  - Motability Operations

Alex - Mondays and Fridays, Absence review meeting - Motability Operations

Joe Watson - Asthma, Absence review meeting - Motability Operations


Role-play Experience
(Character - Production - Company)


Sherlock Holmes - The Mystery of Knottley End – Acting Services

Dr John Watson - The Foxley Flyer - Acting Services 

Sherlock Holmes - The Foxley Flyer - Acting Services 

Inspector Vector - The Foxley Flyer - Avant Garde Team building

Inspector Vector - The Great secret - Avant Garde Team building

Inspector - Fawlty Towers - Avant Garde Team building

Andrew Keillor - Dead on time - Avant Garde Team building

Harrington Foxley - The Foxley Flyer - Avant Garde Team building


Theatre Experience

(Character - Play - Director - Venue)


Leonato - Much Ado About Nothing - Luke Dixon - Hyde Park 
Edgar - Bedlam: Madness in Shakespeare - Luke Dixon - Conway Hall 
Chorus - Le Grand Meaulnes -Luke Dixon & Tyrone Landau - Conway Hall
Tramp/Dancer - The Cherry Orchard - Luke Dixon - Conway Hall
Angelo - Measure for Measure - Luke Dixon - The Actors Centre

Rafe Crompton - Spring and Port Wine - Daniel Brennan - Actor Works

Eddie - Sweet n low - Nicola Kelleher - Oxford Playhouse (Burton - Taylor studio)

Jose/Adam - Acting up - Fernanda Dos Santos - Hammersmith & West London College 

Emmett - Come Back Amanda - Prince of Wales (Downstairs)

Frank Freeman - She would if she could - Oliver Wallace - Andrew Sketchley Theatre

Policeman/Lancelot/Gentleman/Rochester - After Mrs Rochester - Jayne Denny - Greenwich Playhouse     

Corporal - The Pen of my Aunt - Tim Reynolds - Duchess Theatre / Andrew Sketchley Theatre
Ted - Erpingham Camp - Tim Reynolds - Duchess Theatre / Andrew Sketchley Theatre

Film and Television Experience
(Character - Production - Director - Company
Other System - VTUK (Commercials) - Gary O'Brien - Universal Video Ltd
MP - Churchill's Secret (Film) - Charles Sturridge - Daybreak Pictures (Churchill) Ltd                                                                       
Politician - Beatus Beata Beatum 2 (Film) - Zoe Hough - Royal College of Art in London

Other System - VTUK (Commercials) - Gary O'Brien -

DI Young - Conduit(Film) - Liam Cairns - Bombardier films

Tony - Funny, how? (Film) - Louis Lagayette - NBJRL film
Sandy Woodrow - The Constant Gardener (Film) - Mel Churcher - Actors Studio
Turkish - Snatch (Film) - Mel Churcher - Actors Studio 
Aaron/Michael - In your face (Film) - Fausto Vernazzani - London Film Academy

James - Rocky Road (Film) - Lee Tomes - Create Film Productions

Audition Panelist - The Audition (Film) - Stefano Perugini - Steper Productions 

Peter - God 1-0 Men (Film) - Philip C Philip - Met Film school
Pastor - Coincidence (Film) - Matt Watt - HotmilkFilms
Actors Studio, Mel Churcher's Screen Acting course, 2013. The Academy Drama School, London, Professional Acting, 2004-2006.

Skills and Interests
Singing: Baritone, Harmony, Falsetto, F2 to F5. Acoustic Guitar. Dance: Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quick Step, Foxtrot, Social Foxtrot, Samba, Rumba, Cha cha cha, Jive, Pasodoble, Contemporary (Martha Graham)Combat: British Academy of Stage and Screen Combat, Rapier & Dagger and Unarmed Combat certificate. Accents: Native Standard English, Native Cornish, Westcountry, R P, Estuary London, Cockney, Northern, Northern Irish, Standard American. Sport: Horse riding, Running, The Gym, Swimming, Surfing, Rowing, Softball, Pilates. Full Driving licence.